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Mark 5:1-20

Welcome to church everyone. We have a great service for you this morning and it is a communion service. This morning was supposed to have been the morning for my formal induction as Pastor but this has now been postponed until we are allowed to meet together again. As always there is a welcome from Meryl, a time of prayer, great music and a message followed by the celebration of Holy Communion.

Please feel free to join in with our prayers. If you wish you can pause the video at any time, pray whatever the Lord has placed on your heart and then resume the video.
This morning we welcome Glenys to do our Bible Reading from Mark 5:1-20

Thank you for staying with us for the whole service this morning. Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a cuppa and a chat after the service, but we can give you another little Easter Egg as a reward. Here is a short video clip that I recorded at Beth Shean, or Scythopolis in the Decapolis, not far from where our story this morning took place. It gives you an idea of the quality of the buildings in this city, outstanding. If you have enjoyed the service please like it and share it with your friends. In this simple way, we are spreading the message of Jesus way beyond the boundaries of our town.

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What a wonderful uplifting service. God bless each of you that took part.
Your sermons are getting better and better Peter.

Thanks for such a strong sermon Peter. Interestingly, the) (TenthO) Legion was originally raised by the young Gauis Octavius, later to become the Emperor Augustus Caeser.

The X legion was heavily involved in the in the insurrection that started in Judea in 66AD and was responsible for the complete destruction of Solomon’s Temple, ‘not leaving one brick on another’.

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