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Mark 6:45-52

Welcome to the Sunday Service for Nambucca Baptist Church. We hope that you will enjoy this service as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you. We are becoming increasingly aware that these services are reaching people around the world so we welcome you all today whatever part of the world you may be watching from. Today’s meeting is based on the scripture from Mark’s gospel in chapter 6 verses 45-52, where Jesus instructs the disciples to take the boat to Bethsaida, a relatively short journey. Of course as we all know it turned out to be quite an eventful night for these disciples, with Jesus arriving in the nick of time to save them all. Everything is as normal this week, we have a welcome and prayer time from Meryl. We have some wonderful worship music and the message. So settle back wherever you are and enjoy our time of fellowship together.

Thank you for staying with us for the whole service this morning. Unfortunately we are unable to offer you a cuppa and morning tea at the moment but we still have a little extra bit to give you an idea of what a storm looks like on Galilee. The whole time that I was there the surface of the lake was like glass, and most of the time it is like that but every now and then a fierce windstorm comes through the funnel between the hills on the northern shore of Galilee and lashes the surface with pretty nasty consequences for anyone unfortunate to be out on the lake in a small boat. The disciples would have been driven in the opposite direction from their destination of Bethsaida and were extremely skillful boatmen to have survived for around ten hours in conditions like these at night.

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Watching the video of the windstorm on the Sea of Galilee, the white horses and the noise of that wind, would be enough to scare anyone anytime, let alone on the fourth watch!

Your sermon was great Peter. You made me feel as if I was on the Sea. Your sermons have really improved since you have come back from your trip. Half you luck. wish I could have been with you.

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