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Acts Week 4

Acts 6: 1-7 NKJV

Welcome to Nambucca Baptist Church for our service on Sunday 25th April 2021. In Australia today is our national day of remembrance for those of our defense forces who gave their lives in the service of our country. The focal point for our day is the Gallipoli beaches and the high ground behind them that were the scene of a failed invasion of Turkey by the Australian and New Zealand soldiers, the ANZACS, in April of 1915.

We began our service by remembering the fallen and reciting the ode. This is always moving. He is the words.


This week we are in week four of our journey through the book of Acts. We cover the first seven verses of chapter six where Luke has recorded the first incident of dissent in the early church. With the church numbers now approaching some twenty thousand people, the only structure they have is the leadership of the twelve apostles who were called and appointed by Jesus to pray and preach the gospel. The Greek-speaking widows are missing out in the food distribution and this is causing some serious problems. Guided by the Holy Spirit the apostles engage the church to appoint seven good men to take care of the matter as well as other ministry functions. The end result is that everyone is happy and the church started growing once again.

This is where we would normally take up a collection but as you can see we can’t pass an offering bag around online. We have, however, provided a secure online giving facility for you. You can either use the app on your smartphone or just click on the green button on the screen. We have been blessed by the way so many of you have managed to continue to give in various ways so that we can continue with the work of the Lord here in our church and beyond our walls.

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