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Jesus Heals a Demon-Possessed Boy

Mark 9:14–29

Welcome to Nambucca Baptist Church service for Sunday 7th June 2020. We think that we have a great service for you this morning. You would all by now know that the government has started easing the regulations governing churches and places of worship. Unfortunately, the new regulations do not allow us to actually conduct our services as we would normally do them. One example of this would be that we are not allowed to sing in church. As a church, we are bound to obey the regulations and the Baptist Association has made it pretty clear that our insurances only cover us when we are compliant with the rules. Consequently, although some churches are opening under the new regulations, the majority are not. Pastors and leadership teams around the state are working hard to see how they can transition their church forwards into whatever the new paradigm for the church is going to look like.

Today, Meryl will be greeting us and leading us in prayer. Thoni will do the Bible reading and I will be preaching.

This morning we have placed an online giving form at the point in the service where we would normally take up the collection of tithes and offerings. If you wish you can take the opportunity to give to the work of the Lord here at Nambucca Baptist Church. You can use either the app on your smartphone or just click on the green button here.

Thank you for staying with us to the end of the service. If you have enjoyed it perhaps you might share the Facebook link with your family and friends. It is by using this tool that we have been able to extend the reach of our church literally around the world. Nearly one-third of all hits on the website for last Sunday’s service originated in the United States of America. I think that they could use a fair bit of encouragement from the Lord this week as they struggle with the difficult issues that are dividing that country right now.

As a small token of our appreciation here is a video clip of Mount Tabor, The Mount of Transfiguration. Joshua Aaron has produced the video as a backdrop for his song Holy. I hope that this blesses you as much as it blessed me.

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Another meaningful sermon Peter. I did so enjoy it.
Bless you, Meryl, Thoni and David for the time you give so freely for God’s work.

Very well presented as the Lord’s favor is on you Peter and Meryl and all those who attribute to the Lord’s work in bringing the word forth to touch the hearts of people who are in need of a breakthrough in their life. You have given much. Now it is time to receive much as the Love of the Father pours out His Spirit upon all flesh. To heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds.

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