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Revelation Week 2

Revelation 1: 9-20 NKJV

Welcome to Nambucca Baptist Church for our service this 27th of June 2021. A new set of Covid rules for us here in the country meant that we had to observe the full 4M distancing as well as wear our masks and engage in silent reflection and worship instead of singing. Unfortunately our Sydney friends and family are unable to have face-to-face church this morning. Wherever you are and whenever you get to join us you are most welcome to be a part of our church family today and throughout the lockdown.

Today we will be looking at Revelation 1:9-20 in our introduction to Revelation series. In this passage, we see firstly, the introduction by Jesus “I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen. And I have the keys of Hades and of Death.” then, the glorious revelation of Jesus in the midst of seven candlesticks and holding seven stars. The seven stars represent the angels or as we might put it the senior pastors of the seven churches in Asia (Western Turkey) that are represented by the seven candlesticks. It is clear from this passage that Jesus takes a personal interest in each of these churches and holds the senior pastor responsible for the spiritual welfare of his congregation.

Please get comfortable and join us for this service of worship, prayer, and the Word of God.

This is where we would normally take up a collection but as you can see we can’t pass an offering bag around online. We have, however, provided a secure online giving facility for you. You can either use the app on your smartphone or just click on the green button on the screen. We have been blessed by the way so many of you have managed to continue to give in various ways so that we can continue with the work of the Lord here in our church and beyond our walls.

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