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Philippians 1:12-30

Philippians Week 2

Welcome to Nambucca Baptist Church for our service this Sunday 4th October 2020. Today we celebrate Holy Communion after the message and you are invited to prepare the elements at home and join in with us as we share around the Lord’s table. In the message this morning, I preached the second in our series on the Epistle to the Philippians. Based on Philippians 1:12-30, I shared how Paul was able to see every circumstance that seemed to be against him, as an opportunity to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He had a glass half full way of seeing things. I guess the best way to sum up this passage is to learn how to make lemonade from all the lemons that life can throw at you. Paul in fact embraces his imprisonment as a means to preach the gospel to those in the very household of the emperor.

We enjoyed a warm welcome from Meryl who later led us in prayer. David did a great job reading the scripture for us this morning and as always we have some great music for you to join in and sing in the comfort of your own home or wherever you happen to be.

The next song failed to load in the morning service so we had to substitute another. You will get to hear it online. This song, ‘Jesus I Need You’, very much sums up what Meryl is going to pray this morning.

This is where we would normally take up a collection but as you can see we can’t pass an offering bag around online. We have, however, provided a secure online giving facility for you. You can either use the app on your smartphone or just click on the green button on the screen. We have been blessed by the way so many of you have managed to continue to give in various ways so that we can continue with the work of the Lord here in our church and beyond our walls.

Well friends this brings us to the end of another service. We trust that you enjoyed you time with us as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Wherever you are in Australia or around the world we bless you in Jesus name. As a special treat I have video clip for you from Sergio and Rhoda, this time beautiful footage of Gideon’s springs at Harod and the Hill of Moreh, or Givat HaMoreh if you want the way the Israeli’s say it. The Hill of Moreh was where God led Gideon and just 300 men to defeat the huge army of the Midianites.

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