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In Mark 2:1-12

Good morning everyone and welcome to Nambucca Baptist Church service for Sunday 3rd May 2020. This week has been very challenging for me with all sorts of gremlins attacking my computer and trying to destroy the message. I have also faced a significant personal health challenge over the past couple of days and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your prayers. Despite everything that was thrown at us this week, here we are again. Thanks be to God who has given us the victory in Jesus Christ our Lord.

As always a warm welcome to church from Meryl
Feel free to join in with us as we sing these great worship songs.
Please join with us in prayer. Meryl gives the opportunity for a personal prayer. If you have something on your heart that you want to bring to the Lord, press pause when she indicates. When you are ready to continue the video press play.
Harry brings us the reading this morning from Mark 2: 1-12 from the NKJV
This morning I preach on Forgiveness AND Healing in Mark 2: 1-12.
Given the almost overwhelming opposition that we faced this week I have to believe that this message will speak to some of you in a very special way. We pray that the Lord Jesus will use this message and the communion to set free from whatever has been holding you down.
There is power in the Name of Jesus, There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain that binds you and set you free. Please call us if you need prayer or a pastoral visit, now that the restrictions are easing Meryl and I are free to visit you at home if you wish.
Join with us as we celebrate Communion together.

Thank you for participating in our service this week. We appreciate you all. One of the blessings of posting our services online has been that we now have people joining us from the UK, Ireland, France the USA, and Canada. We are no longer just the little church in a little seaside town in rural NSW, Australia. Our reach is spreading out far beyond the borders of our area beyond anything we could have imagined. Our God is good.

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God Bless you all.

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