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David Week 6

1 Samuel 23:29 – 24:22 (NKJV)

Welcome to Nambucca Baptist Church today the 14th February 2021. We had a wonderful service this morning and I have put together this webpage so that you can share the as close as we can get to the same experience that we enjoyed this morning.

Today was Week 6 in our series on the life of David, and our focus was on the time when Saul entered a cave at En Gedi that was unknowingly occupied by David and his men. Although seriously tempted to kill Saul, David would not harm him, just cutting a strip of cloth off of Saul’s robe. David’s men wanted to kill Saul. With Saul dead, they would, with David see much better times. But David restrained his men and would not permit them to kill Saul… It requires great effort to overcome evil, and David put out that great effort not only in overcoming his own desires but also in overcoming the desires of his men. You will have to watch the message to see how this epic confrontation ended.

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