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Morning Service and Holy Communion

Good morning and welcome to our service today. As I mentioned last time we will be starting a series of sermons on the deliverance, healing and miracle ministry of Jesus as recorded in Mark’s gospel. The format for the service will follow our normal pattern as if we were actually in the church. Meryl will welcome everyone, she will also pray. There will be songs that we love and you are invited to sing along with us. Thoni does a great job on the bible reading. I will be preaching and also celebrating Holy Communion followed by the Blessing. After the service, there is a link to a video clip of Capernaum done by a Christian couple living in Israel. You will be able to see for yourselves what a beautiful place this is.

Let us worship together with “Days of Elijah”

Let us all join with Meryl for our prayer time

Let us sing together, “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand”.

Thoni is going to read for us from Mark 1: 21-28

Time for the Message. I introduce the topic with a chat about Capernaum from my trip to the Holy Land

Let us prepare ourselves for Communion by worshiping together.

And now a final blessing

But wait there is more. I promised you a good look at Capernaum. Sergio and Rhoda are a Christian couple living in Israel who have made a whole series of beautifully produced videos of the Holy Land. This is the clip from their recent visit to Capernaum. Hopefully, you will understand why I found this beautiful place so captivating. The presence is still there after nearly two thousand years.

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Seeing Jesus’ town of Capernaum and Lake Galilee on the video brought John 21 to life. Jesus cooking some of the fish caught and telling the disciples ‘Come and have some breakfast’.

That’s a lovely account, isn’t it Harry?
Jesus met with His friends, and shared with them on a very practical level. He had breakfast with them. And He still meets with His friends in the same way today…not perhaps a fish breakfast but sharing in friendship and providing for whatever we need, wherever we’re at. What a wonderful Saviour friend!

Thoroughly enjoyable – every minute of it. Peter your sermon was great. You made me envious of your travels.. You walked the road that Jesus walked. We need to walk beside Him now.

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