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The Life Of Joseph Week 4

Genesis 40: 1- 23 NKJV

Welcome to Nambucca Baptist Church for our worship and Communion service this Sunday February 5th, 2023. Wherever you live, and whenever you find yourself on this page, you are invited to join with our church family as one of us as we worship, and celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ, together.

Today we have arrived at Week 4 in our series on the Life of Joseph. Our passage from Genesis 40, introduces us to two men who also found themselves in prison. The Butler and the Baker each had a dream and Joseph offered to interpret it for them as God had given him the interpretation for them. For the butler it was easy, you are going to be set free in three days and restored to your former position with Pharoah. The baker however was a different message. He was going to lose his head in three days. As preachers we need to preach the baker’s message to those who don’t know Jesus. The good news is that we can choose to repent of our sins and receive the free gift of salvation. The choice is ours. Choose wisely.

This is where we would normally take up a collection but as you can see we can’t pass an offering bag around online. We have, however, provided a secure online giving facility for you. You can either use the app on your smartphone or just click on the green button on the screen. We have been blessed by the way so many of you have managed to give in various ways so that we can continue with the work of the Lord here in our church and beyond our walls.

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